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We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your contribution to International Dance Arts Collective. Your generosity is very important to us. It helps us fulfill our mission to foster unity, peace, love and appreciation of all peoples and cultures within our local community through cultural arts. IDAC does this through exposure, education, and performance opportunities for children, youth, and families in cultural and historical dance and music.


Your financial contribution directly helps IDAC:

  • Provide scholarships for dancers regardless of their ability to pay for classes. 

  • Provide school and community outreach programs and unifying cultural experiences for individuals and families including school workshops and assemblies.

  • Purchase authentic costumes to support regional artisans and vendors around the world. 

  • Hire accomplished guest choreographers and musicians who are cultural dance and music specialists to teach from their own cultures to our students.  

Donate Now!

Pay with credit card below or Venmo: @IDACNorcal


Thank you for your donation!

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IDAC was established in 2021 and already we have taught over 450 students from Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay and Sacramento in our school outreach program as well as our after school classes and summer camps. In 2022 alone, we performed for over 600 school children in our assembly programs and over 400 people in our annual Festivals of Light performance. We also gave three scholarships for our summer camp program and four scholarships for our team classes. In 2023, we participated in a cultural exchange tour with our Senior Collective to Guatemala where we learned about Guatamalan and Mayan dance, music, gastronomy, and culture. IDAC also represented the USA through performances and worked with a local nonprofit, Fundamaya, to install a wood burning stove and provide other needed supplies to a family and students in need. We are excited to see IDAC grow and watch how it will strengthen and unite individuals in our local communities and build connections abroad.

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