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Our Mission

International Dance Arts Collective was founded by Alexandra Shadle in 2021 with the hope of spreading peace through dance and giving children the unique opportunity to learn about the world through cultural and historical dance and music. Across many countries and cultures, the arts act as a unifying force to connect us as individuals and nations. Through her experiences as a dancer, Alexandra knew that engaging with and learning about different people, cultures, and their art forms from around the world can foster feelings of appreciation and respect, leading to greater love and peace. 

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Why We're Different

  • We are a 5o1(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to promote peace and preserve cultural dance and music.

  • We teach cultural dances from around the world and IDAC Core Values.

  • We have university trained cultural arts educators with years of teaching experience.

  • We offer unique performance & service opportunities for performers: local cultural festivals, school assemblies, and international cultural exchange trips.

  • We award need-based scholarships to IDAC participants.

  • We support artists teaching their own cultural dances and music.

  • We bring the world to Rocklin!

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Meet The Team

Meet our Board of Directors

Board of Directors
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